Sunday, 14 May 2017

before your tongue tastes the sweat of my lips..
before you explore the inside of my humongous hips,
tell me.... who am I to you?

you only call me "baby"
but you treat me a like any other lady.
I thought we would get married maybe...
but it looks like you're not even ready

before your hands contour my hinds....
before you enjoy what my thrilling thong hides
tell me.... who am I to you?

you only speak of my beauty
when you mention my miraculous booty,
now you're itching to undress me in a hurry
but you'll only climb me if we'll marry.

before your fingers malinger in my bowel,
before you later wipe your manhood with my towel...
tell me.... who am I to you?

are we friends? are we lovers?
is it me that you want, or my things?
After these will everything be over?
will you become my sweet charming prince?

tell me Owinyo, who am I?

Monday, 24 April 2017

In this city whose charms have fled

I took a walk along ruins painted red

Among the ruble I picked a letter and it read

“Here in the damp of a lost war

On a paper soaked with blood and sweat

And a pen with a burnt end

I write this letter to you

Is how the end of my days is spent

The pen grows heavier than my gun

For homely regards absent love

Would be just ink stains upon some line

I would set it on a raven’s claws

And whisper your name to its ears

But all this love will tire its wings and weigh it down

So I set it on the wings of hope

And pray it gets to you someday

If I shall fall to my foe

Gather what remains of me

Plant a whistling pine on my grave

And engrave on my headstone these words

‘Here from the depths rises his soul’

Think of me always

When you sit under its cool shade

Listening to its symphony against the wind

Think of me always

I deserve that of you

For having always thought of you

How to make you happy

Be so”

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

I love it when I go for long calls near tall trees.
then wipe my buttocks with a bunch of huge leaves.

I love it when I urinate at the back of my hut
especially at dawn and in the middle of the night.

I love it when I seduce a woman from a sugar cane plantation.....
then suckle her pawpaw breasts as she sighs with affection.

I love it when I lick my fingers after eating.
and handshakes that pass the elbow in my greetings.

I am made in Africa
I love it when my poems have raw words.
I love it when I call things by their real names. 

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Gaudencia has bought me a castle
it's floor has marbled tiles
she says that I'm too young to hustle
she has given me pounds in piles.

Even if I am young and she's old
and her mouth has been left with one tooth
her heart is as pure as gold
when I kiss her, her wrinkles become smooth.

Gaudencia has bought me a vehicle
she said she'll teach how to drive
she said that I make her feel special
I'm her bee and her centre is my hive

even if her head is bald
and hair has grown in her nose
I will still introduce her to my dad
I'll tell him that "this is my rose"

Gaudencia has bought me a ring
she said that she also has a gun
that any girl who comes close to me
will indeed have nowhere to run

Every if her breasts have shrunk
and her buttocks are tinier than my fist
in her ocean my heart has sunk
I'm the meal she loves to feast 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

before you stone me to death..
before I kick the air and gasp for my last breath...
I beg you to listen to my confession.

I am not the one who slept with Chebet.
Chebet is the one who slept with me.
She called me to her house to renovate her bed,
then stripped herself naked and said "what do you see?"

what I first saw was the centre of a woman.
my manhood then erected because I'm also human.
Chebet didn't tell me that indeed she's married.
she just told me to climb her and so I humbly hurried.

before you skirt my neck with a tyre,
and burn my body to pyre,
I beseech you to listen to my confession.

if a woman like Chebet strips naked,
as a man, will you close your eyes?
will you tell her  "woman, I'm taken!"
or will you say "mbu!!! you look nice"

I am not the one who confused Chebet.
Chebet is the one who confused me.
she buried my scrotum in the center of her palm
and said that she wants to be beaten like a drum.

I am innocent. 
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