Sunday, 12 August 2018

They throw gloomy glances at me,
Their spangling blue eyes slowly spiral
In their sockets,
They twitch their pink lips as they
Spit a dough of a saliva on their
First-class milky sands.

They ask me "who are you?
Where do you come from?
Why are you here?
Do y'all live with monkeys?
Do y'all have AIDS?
Do y'all live in grass thatched huts?
Does it rain o'er there? Are there roads?
Water? Airports? Pizza inn's? McDonald's?
Huh....!" They sigh,

And they whisper to their kids,
And their kids wail in fear,
And their policemen surround my path,
And they strangle my neck,
And break my arms,
And step on my head and accuse
My skin of causing unrest to their citizens.

And the thirst to go back home throttles
My throat,
The hunger to smile again boils in my belly,
The dreams of golden opportunities
Fade away from my fantasies...
As milk and Honey turn into a paranoia
Of my own mind.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Dear rain,
What have you done to me?
As soon as I lifted my jembe to plough
My farm - you poured.
You did not even darken the clouds
In the sky as a usual.
You did not send birds back to their nests
As a sign...
Now look!!
I've been forced to prematurely withdraw
From this fertile farm of mine.

Dear rain,
You have turned me into a
Five second farmer.
Last time when I lifted my jembe up,
You trickled before my jembe could
Strike the soft looking soil.
You then sent your wonky winds
To shiver my head, shoulders, knees
And toes.
Dear rain, your coming when I'm farming
Fills me with so much woes.

Dear rain,
Has it ever occurred to you that
When you pour,
My energy for farming lowers?
It's as a result of your coming that
I've now begun to wither.
Look at my shrinking shoulders...
They are shaking like a loose leaf
In winter.
Dear rain,
I beg you to let the Sun shimmer.
For it's only then, that I'll plough
My farm better.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

now that my husband has gone
to work and we're alone,
I want you to lock the door and
remove all your clothes...
My body is on fire.

I want you to come closer.
Don't gaze at me as if you've seen
an ugly looking ghost.
I've taken off my underwear.
I want you to have an aerial view of
the den that men love most.

If you refuse to make love to me,
I will shout at the top of my voice
and call you a rapist.
You'll be stoned by angry villagers.
In fact,
My husband will insert a hot nail in
the narrow opening of your penis.
He will also terminate your job as
our gardener.

Therefore Allango.
Before you rush to the garden to prune flowers with your shears,
I want you to slither through the
petals of the juicy crack between my thighs.
I want you to feel the texture of my
behind with your tongue.

Come Allango,
Come closer.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

If your love for me is true,
You don't have to worry about
your ugly wife and kids.
Take me to London
and fulfill your emotional needs.

If your love for me is true,
Then sacrifice...
shelter my feet 
with expensive shoes.
You don't have to worry about 
what your kids will eat.
they can starve for several weeks
while I rome - in Italy - with you. 

Look at me Allango,
have you ever seen a pair of
buttocks that look as plumpy
as the ones that dangle on my behind?
Count yourself lucky for having me.

If your love for me is true,
Buy me a car and shower
my bed with American dollars...
Starring at my thighs with a wet tongue
and paying my rent is not enough.

Allango my love.
I know you want me from the
deepest part of your heart.
But actions speak louder 
than words.

If your love for me is true,
Buy me a huge box of pizza.
Buy me plastic nails from Germany.
Look at my boring eye lashes....
I want artificial ones... they only go
for one million my love.

If you truly love me, Allango,
put me first in your list of priority.
And I will make you feel young again.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Adoyo wants me to buy her an
expensive handbag from dubai.
She insists that if possible,
I should use contributions for my
mother's hospital bill to buy it,
She says that if I don't want her to
leave me for another man,
I should put her first in my list
of priorities.
Dear friends,
Who wants Adoyo my girlfriend?

Adoyo always faults me for
not being stable.
But apart from her labia and
lose tongue,
there's nothing else that Adoyo
brings on the table.
My dear friends with flashy cars,
Adoyo my girlfriend is up for grabs.
Who wants her?

Were it not for Adoyo,
The permanent house that I was
building in the village would
not have stalled...
I would not have sold the only cow
that I had - just to jewel her fingers 
with plastic nails.
My dear friends,
You who have extra money
to waste,
Who wants Adoyo my girlfriend?

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