Thursday, 3 April 2014


A detestable mother and father have three modest girls. Cheyenne and Chyna are actually twins and soon after, Charisse emanates. These girls go through incalculable dreadfulness as children whose cycle seem to follow the up to their old age.... I was astonished at the twists and turns that revolve around Chyna, Parker, Cheyenne and Charisse. The way greed and self egocentricity revolves around who seem to have seen an untapped gold has been clearly brought out through tough manipulations.

I love the milestones and blockades that compel people to undergo circumstances they don't want to. like Charisse for example. the way tension builds up page by page left me a troubled man as I tried to figure out how the whole story would end.. But amazingly, It ends and ends unpredictably. I love the light moment where Parker spends supplementary moments with the woman that will put up with his child

caution: don’t read this book without a handkerchief …."You may shade tears just at the tip of the ice berg. More than a few other people get caught up in an entire muddle, a number of which  were manipulated and go through a tunnel of  trials and tribulation  .

Yes. that has been
His Substitute Wife
My Sister by Sylvia Hubbard
A review by owen habel lwanda


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