Saturday, 24 October 2015

Ghost Town

There once was life in this place,
There was peace ~ there was grace.
There were people who lived in this place,
Whose footsteps can not be traced.

There once was a school here,
But today the classes are vacant.
The field has been totally cleared,
But shoes and books have scattered.

Hospitals have now been shut,
Doctors are no where to be found.
All patients have died,
They are rotting in stinking wards.

There once was a clown in this town,
Fruit vendors, a hotel...
There were butterflies that jewelled her lawns.
And a place where beggars dwelled.

But today.....

There is whimper from the wind that whistles,
Whispers from the leaves that have fallen.
Silence from the soldiers with pistols,
Soldiers whose hearts have been stolen.

There's panic, there was a gunshot!
Churches and mosques have been closed,
Smoke still swirls from tyres.
Where someone was burnt to pyres.

There were those who grabbed boats,
And got their narrow escape.
There was a woman who remained and got caught,
But she died after she was raped!

In this ghost town....
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