Sunday, 25 October 2015

My neighbor's wife sparkles,
There's a secret hidden in her smile.
The softness of her sound when she chuckles,
Can tickle your ribs for a while.

If she wears a summarized skirt,
She must then sit lazily like a man.
Every time when we go to sleep at night,
She must squeak like a duck with her man.

My neighbor's wife has thighs,
When she walks men slow down their cars.
She makes birds whistle in the sky,
She makes us undress her with our eyes.

If she washes her clothes while bending
You will drool for the cleavage on her buttocks.
And your penis will slowly start standing,
And you'll forget things faster than a warthog.

My neighbor's wife has breasts,
And she wears transparent blouses.
She has nipples that can stub your chest,
Nipples that have broken most houses.
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