Sunday, 25 October 2015

She did not know the question,
At the moment səx was definitely the answer,
She knew such moments were rare,
She was tired of the tension caused by love,
To her səx retrieved tension,
And that was all she wanted.

She wanted to stand naked in spirit,.
As well as in body,
She wanted it dirty.
To her it was dirty if done correctly.

She wanted to know
how to fornicate like a flowers,
She wanted to have səx like noon to midnight,
She wanted to make love in the rain.

She had a very itchy tunnel,.
Her cup was overflowing,
She screamed as the man's organ
pricked her glory hole like
A sharp needle.
Her vagina like hell fire

Once she finished səxing with him,
She wanted nothing more than to start again,
She regretted making love,.
As sex would have been much wiser,.
She had fallen in love
It was the biggest grammatical error
in her vocabulary,.
She had wanted it to be lust making
not love making


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