Friday, 11 December 2015

Your smile erects my hair,
It makes me stop everything and stare.
Sometimes it tickles my neck,
And purifies the deep breath that I take.

Even if you say you've been married,
My mind will not get worried.
You must know I've been pierced by cupid,
That's why I may sound a bit stupid.

You have a whisper that soothes my ears,
That makes me wish you were here.
Sometimes it gives me chuckles,
And an itch to kiss your knuckles.

Even if you pour acid on your head,
The memories of your dark hair won't be dead.
I will still sing songs about you,
Coz forever you will dazzle like dew!

You have lips that should skirt onto mine,
Wet lips that arrest my spine.
Lips whose lovely lawns gleam,
And make me get wet in my dream.

Even if you call me a dreamer.....

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