Thursday, 25 August 2016

On the day of your big wedding there's no single vow that you'll take.
I will come with a bottle of urine and pour it on top of your cake.
If you hit me with a slap on my face I will open my mouth to confess.
How one night you made me undress, got me pregnant, and left me in stress.

On the very day of your wedding I will come to the chapel with our daughter.
She has huge eyes just like you and she also inherited your stomach.
If your wife to be will cause drama, I will hit her until she falls down with a thud.
I will then bite her nose until she stains her regalia with blood.

Even if you get angry and decide to bewitch me to death,
My spirit will disable your erection during sex.
You said you'll love me but later you escaped.
On your wedding day! you will know that a promise is a debt

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