Friday, 9 December 2016

My Fellow clansmen,
Who among you will marry Khayesi?

Khayesi has a masters degree,
The size of her brain has increased.
When I said she has a nice nail on her toe,
She sighed and said "really! I know."
And even before I welcomed her to my hut
She drove off and broke my tiny heart.

My Fellow clansmen,
If you want to approach Khayesi,
Do it at your own risk.
As for me, any time when I see her I'll flee.

Khayesi is not like Phanice,
Who lent me her center for free
Just because I bought her a sweet.
when I approached Khayesi with greed,
She asked you "what books do you read?"

My fellow clansmen,
You  who want to marry Khayesi,

Her dresses are scented and flowery.
They are expensive than all our dowries.
She cannot be lured by money.
Or names like sweetheart and honey.
One day when I stared at her breast,
She spat a thick saliva on my face.

Oh, my clansmen
Who will marry Khayesi?

Her eyeballs are like stars that keep sparkling.
But her gates have wild dogs that keep barking.
Her voice will sooth your soul when she starts chuckling.
But her tongue will cut you to pieces if she gets angry 
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