Monday, 2 January 2017

Residents of Malanga constituency,
I am asking you to give me another term,
You have seen my slack record for the past five years,
If you give me another term I will continue with the same zeal to bring development in this area,
Do not be distracted by poverty-stricken, power-hungry aspirants who are tarnishing my name in a bid to get political mileage,
As for me, I will let my slack record to speak on my behalf.

When I assumed office,the first thing I did was to construct a sign board for our health center,
When the former MP constructed the health center,he did not erect a sign board,
He embezzled the funds that were allocated for the construction of the health facility,
Let me ask you,
Can you eat a whole cow then claim you can not finish the tail?
As a result,our people have been wondering off to witchdoctor’s homesteads because of lack of clear directions to the health center.

Secondly,when my first wife died,how many bulls did I slaughter to feed the whole community?
The women who cooked,the young men who fetched water and those who dug the grave,did I not create jobs for them?
Did I not pay them well?
Look at my wife’s state of the art grave,have I not lifted the face of this constituency?
Now,for the very first time,we can boast of a cemented cemetery!

Lastly,look at the development I have brought in our schools,
In Ober secondary school,I constructed a metallic gate,
Since then,I have never heard of students sneaking out of school to go and steal maize in the neighbouring farms,
In Nyalendu primary school,I poured all the CDF money to construct a staff room,
Now our teachers do not have to operate form their houses anymore,
This has greatly reduced cases of pupils being impregnated by errant teachers,
Even those teachers who used to spend most of their  school time in
chang’aa dens  have relocated back to school,
If you people will vote for me again,even these chang’aa dens will be a thing of the past.
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