Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Rumour has it that any time when I travel to the city,
Akoth, my long time wife, usually do things that are fishy.
that there's a man she's been sleeping with in my bed
who's been eating my slices of bread.

I'll therefore travel to the village in the morning,
then storm into the house without knocking.
If I'll find the man sleeping with my Akoth
I will grab a sharp dagger and stub them both.

Rumour has it that my children are not even mine.
that - one looks like our pastor when he yawns
while other one resembles our cowboy in the nose.
one looks like our which doctor when he cries
While the other one looks like my brother when he smiles.

I therefore went to the doctor today.
and he said that I'm totally impotent.
I then held my manhood in dismay....
and said to myself "what a shame?"

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