Tuesday, 11 July 2017

You have committed the worst crime
ever in the history of our country.
Why did you steal your neighbor's poultry?

Even politicians who loot billions
from the public are not as
Filthy as you.
Therefore, we will set them free.
As for you - we will cut off your
scrotum with a pliers and roast it 
in a fierce fire.
We will then make you swallow it
as a punishment.

Tell this court....
Who told you to steal your neighbor's chicken?
The kind of crime you've committed
is not a joke.
Our court has never received such a
boggling case before.

Even the man who run over a
pedestrian with a huge vehicle today,
is not as inhuman as you are.
That's why we've released him on bail.
But as for you! Mbu!!!
We will jail you for one hundred years.
Do not shade your crocodile tears.

People who steal chicken are bad.
They are worse than the doctor who
left needles in her dying patient's lungs.
They are worse than people who 
make love to other people's wives.

Even the man who grabbed acres of land
is not as guilty as a you are.
Ong'ayo! CAP 1 section 10 of our
Constitution says that "no one is above the law."
Therefore Ong'ayo,
Be ready to reap what you saw.
Case closed!

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