Saturday, 22 July 2017

I beg you to please marry me.
I beg you to please take this ring and
put it on my finger.
Don't worry about the price of my
wedding gown....
I will buy it.

I know I have wrinkles and I'm old.
But just marry me I beg.
My heart is as pure as gold.
Don't worry about the expenses of
our honeymoon...
I will cater for them.

Look at my friends!
They all have husband's and
I am not asking for much.
I want us to do our wedding in any
available church.

Don't even worry about where we will
I have built a mansion in the leafy suburbs of the city.
If you reject my proposal, 
I'll wallow in pity.
Please say you'll marry me.

Twenty years ago when I spat a thick saliva on your ugly face,
Just because you gazed at my beautiful dress,
I was foolish.
I am now down on bended knees....
I beg you to please marry me.

Before my breasts flatten...
Before the lightening of menopause
I beg you to marry me. 
Don't worry about where the cake will
come from. 
I am ready to bake it myself!


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