Sunday, 13 August 2017

Just because you caught me making
love with another man in the corner
of our kitchen,
Does not mean that I'm a slut.
How many times have I found
other women's lipsticks on the
collar of your white shirts? Eeh?

When you found me kissing a
younger man in our
sugarcane plantation
the other day,
You did not have to call me all sorts
of dirty names!!
After all... you equally play all sorts
of dirty games.
Is it not your child that Akello my
sister is carrying in her belly? Eeh?

You who goes for long calls with
your phone tightly buried in the
palms of your hand...
Why do you care when I mention Paulo's
name in the climax of my dreams?
Just because I did not ask questions
when you mentioned another woman's
name in the middle of conjugation,
Does not mean that I did not pay
attention. I did!!!

If you're thinking of strangling
my neck and pulling out teeth from
my ever silent mouth,
Be ready to live without the manhood
that dangles in the middle of your
filthy pant.

1 comment:

  1. I really love your work.
    Almost done reading the book "Our Dirty linen & other poems"
    Kudos man.


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