Thursday, 17 August 2017

Dear Prophet!
When you said that God will bless
me with a big land in January,
I quickly sold my only plot
and gave you ten percent of what
I got.
Now the year is ending!
I am sick and tired of waiting.

Dear Prophet!
When you spoke in tongues and said
that my sick son has been healed,
I burned all the medicine that the doctors prescribed to him.
Now my son is in a coma.
With oxygen pipes tucked in his
mouth and nose.
His beautiful eyes still remain closed.

Dear Prophet!
Ever since you said that the holly
spirits have sent you to quench my
wife's spiritual thirst with holly water,
Our last born's belly started swelling
Just like your's.
When he frowned on the face today,
I saw the image of you chasing
evil spirits away.

Dear prophet
You who made me sacrifice my one
and only chicken,
I want you to tell God that I have
given him one week.
One week to make all your
prophecies come true


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