Wednesday, 2 August 2017

My children,
We must run.
We must pack our clothes in
plastic bags and run out of town.
If we don't,
Our enemies shall cut off our throats
and feed our flesh to the dogs.

Opiyo my son,
You are the eldest.
You will carry our last born 
On your back as I deal with our 
bulky bags.
When you get tired... don't be quiet.
Achieng is here... she will help you.

My children,
We must run as fast as we can
from this burning town.
You saw how bullets were sprayed
In the stomach of your dad!
They ripped off his intestines and
tucked them inside his mouth.
He now lies cold in the mortuary,
like meat for sale in a butchery

Achieng my daughter,
Put on your shoes!
Wear your thick jacket.
If it will rain in the middle of
Our journey,
We will hide below a tree and cover
ourselves with blankets.
But till then,
We must leave this town.

Grandpa is waiting for us.


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