Thursday, 3 August 2017

My daughter,
now that you are ten years of age
and nipples have sprouted from
the surface of your untapped chest,
You are no longer mine.

I will marry you off to Ojwang
An elderly but wealthy man whom
we betrothed you to when you were young.
But first,
You must go through circumcision!
as required by the ways of our tradition.

My daughter,
Now that you can cook and fetch
liters of waters from rivers that are
meters aways from home,
You are no longer mine.
It's time to become a parent,
And showcase your maternal talent.

Look at these cows, those lands...
My God!!!
Look at Ojwang's house.
All of them will be given to me,
When I marry you off indeed. 

My daughter,
Now that your sitting apparatus and
thighs show signs of maturity,
Ojwang will come tomorrow to break
your virginity.
From now henceforth... you no longer belong to me.


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