Sunday, 20 August 2017

Daudi my love....
Tell your wife that you're busy.
Tell her you've been held up in a
critical job meeting.
Tell her that you'll go home next
week then switch off your phone
before she starts to speak.

Daudi my love....
Forget about your two 
malnourished kids.
I want you to take me to a big hotel
and baptize me in expensive drinks.
Don't you want me to fold my
glossy lips in between your
sparkling teeth?

Daudi my love....
I told my poor lover to keep off the
girl's hostel.
I told him that when he calls and 
finds me on voice mail,
I'll be studying for my next
Continuous Assessment Test.
Here I am my love... your soft palms
are free to cup the nipples of my
coconut breasts.

Daudi my love....
If you give me the password
to your ATM,
I will open the mouth of
my honeypot for your consumption.
I will stay with you for as long as
you want in any of our vacations.
I don't mind failing my final examination,
As long as I still have my thighs
I have what it takes to live the best life.

Daudi my love.....
Shall we?

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