Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Awinja has been bewitched,
She runs round the village with
a torn underwear on her head.
It is said that she quarreled with her
in-laws over the piece of land that
she inherited from her late husband.
Ever since the beautiful Awinja 
got bewitched,
She's been laughing while pointing
fingers at imaginary house flies.
her dirty anus has been 
soiling our roads with poo at night.

The once classy beauty queen of the
village has been bewitched,
She picks condoms from stinking
dust bins and blows them like
Christmas balloons.
She even licks banana peels while
chuckling like a hungry baboon.
It is said that when her husband died,
She was supposed to be inherited by
his younger brother - but she refused

She whose smile made us urinate in
our beds while dreaming at the dead
of the night -
Has been bewitched.
She now picks balls of gray mucus
from her nose and inserts them
in the middle of her tongue.
Saliva streams from the corner of her
mouth and dangles on the nipples of her
once pumpkin breasts.
Ever since the beautiful Awinja
got bewitched,
She's been murmuring to herself
and nodding at her own murmurs.

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