Friday, 13 October 2017

My love,
You no longer excite me anymore.
your palms are not as soft
as they used to be before.
Your once firm breasts have taken
the shape of a deflated baloon.
The wrinkles on your face
resemble those of a horrible cartoon.

My love,
Your once glossy lips leave
the stench of rotten eggs
in the taste buds of my tongue.
The breath that emanates
from your mouth totally nauseates.
Your once fleshy legs
no longer stimulate me to rise
to the occasion at night.

Have I told you lately my love? 
The forest of hair that you've rared
on your behind - stink like a sewer 
of stifling flies.
Your once charming smile no longer
arrests my loins as it used to before.
When I hold your hand in a big crowd,
I feel the shame of a Muslim who
has released a screaming fart
in the middle of silent prayers. 


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