Thursday, 9 November 2017

You have burdened the middle of
my legs with two big balls
for years.
Yet I have never complained.

You've stopped me in the middle of
long journeys.
Just to make me urinate in the bush...
Something I've never refused.

Why did you erect when our church
pastor asked me to stand and pray
in front of the holly alter? Eeh!!!
Do you not think that sometimes
you do things that put me to shame?

Yesterday when I was geared up to
make love to Auta, my girlfriend,
You refused to rise to the occasion!
you went ahead and shrunk your head
like the tail of a poisoned cat.

It's because of your arrogance that
Auta left my house in rage....
Dear penis,
is this how we'll live to operate?
that when I need your help most is
when you'll stop to cooperate?

Tell me,
What have I not done for you?
Did I not buy you new underwears
last week?
When you erected for the buttocks
of a harlot last month,
Did I not pay to make your end
meet hers?

The shame that you keep subjecting
me to has no justification.
If this is how we shall live,
I will chop you off and take you to
a which doctor for rituals.
Don't try me.


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