Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Mildred has grown thick horns
on her head.
She says I should clean the house
and wash her attire while she goes
to her women empowerment meetings.

Yesterday when I told her to
never come to my house past
She pointed at me with a sharp knife
and told me to not interfere with
the ways of her life.

Oh!!! Mildred...
She has turned into a typical crook.
She says I must wash utensils if
at all she's the one to cook.
That when the month comes to
an end,
I should give her all my salary for
her to pamper her head.

Yesterday when I quarreled her for
coming from her meetings 
in the dark while drunk,
She said she knows her rights.
That if I lay my hand on her,
She will fight back by burning my
penis with hot water.

As a matter of fact,
Mildred tells me to make sure I have
prepared breakfast for her before
I leave for work.
That if I don't,
She will sleep in bed while I sleep on
the cold floor.

Ever since Mildred started attending
her women empowerment meetings,
She's been attempting to take over
my roles as the head of the house.


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