Friday, 10 November 2017

My people,
I beg you to talk to Allango
my husband.

Ever since he came from
The land of milk and honey,
We have not had peace
in the house.

When I served him porridge in our
cultural calabash last night,
he poured the whole of it
into the dustbin....
He then broke the calabash into
tiny pieces and accused me of being
uncivilized for not serving him porridge
in an American cup.

As I knelt down to ask Allango to forgive me for not being civilized,
Allango covered his eyes with dark
goggles then lowered his American cape
and called me "fucking bitch!"

My people,
I don't know what "fucking bitch!" is.
Perhaps it's the new exclamation that
Allango uses when he gets angry.
perhaps it's an American insult...
Perhaps its a meal that people eat when they start to feel hungry.
I don't know.

When Allango felt thirsty and asked
for water the other day,
I rushed to our cold pot and fetched it
with the American cup that
he came with
Only for him to splash it on my face.
He said that in the land of milk and
honey people drink purified bottled

my dear uncles,
I beg you to talk to Allango
my husband.
Tell him to forgive me if I have wronged him.

Allango touched my once firm breasts
twenty years ago.
When I beg him to give me some
love and affection,
he usually smears his hands with
An American lubricant in readiness for
his daily masturbation.

Ever since Allango went to the land
of milk and honey,
The only time I open my legs is
when I go to pee or poo at
the pit latrine.
Tell him to remove the cobwebs that
have grown on the surface of my
honeypot like a true African.
For the past twenty years....
It's him I've been waiting for

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