Thursday, 26 April 2018

Ogenga wants me to die
a malnourished man.
He wants me to walk
With torn shoes while he covers
His sagging fleshy belly in
Imported Italian suits.

When I told Ogenga to pay my debt
Ogenga told me that his new iPhone
Has fallen in a swimming pool.
He said that he has used a lot of money
To repair it's cracked guerrilla screen.
Ogenga then left before I could tell him
That I need money to pay my rent
And clear my sick sister's
Medical bill.

Ogenga wants me to die a troubled man.
Last night after my landlord
Locked my house and
Chased me out of his compound,
Ogenga's new car from Japan
Splashed stagnant water
On my face as it sped off towards
The direction of a pub.

When I followed Ogenga to the pub,
I saw him slapping the behind
Of a barmaid with piles of notes.....
When I approached Ogenga and asked
Whether he is in a position
To settle my debt,
Ogenga turned his big head the other way
And said he does not have any penny
left in his poor wallet.
That the little money he had,
He has used it to repair
the slightly scratched bonnet
Of his three day old car from Japan.

The selfish Ogenga is waiting for me
To die so that he can live in peace.


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