Saturday, 25 August 2018

When people told Oluoch that
I slept with our church pastor
On our matrimonial bed,
I knew that Oluoch would ignore them...
Ever since I started pouring droplets
Of my urine in Oluoch's meal,
Oluoch only loves and listens to me.

When the doctor's report said that the DNA
Of our last born does not match that of
My lovely Oluoch, I did not panic...
After all, Oluoch believed it's a gimmick.
Ever since I sandwiched Oluoch's bread
With particles of poo that hung on the walls
Of my giant anus,
I knew that nothing else would ever come
In between us.

When Oluoch was told by his mom that
I bewitched him,
He took a kettle of hot water and splashed it
On her ugly looking face.
He then went ahead and chased her
Out of our peaceful palatial place.
Ever since I inserted my pubic hair
In Oluoch's porridge,
He worships me in the morning -
and at night before he sleeps.


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