feel at home                                           feel inspired                                      feel honored                             its a pleasure to have you here. |I am a poet & a playwright | 
More about my love for art can be seen best through the pieces I write. I love volunteering and giving back to my community whenever an opportunity to do so comes forth. Besides the great passion that I have for art work, I also love networking or rather making new friends. 

I studied  Information System at Kenya Methodist University

Traveling, enjoying nature, reading novels, blogging, watching beautiful people swim, and cooking, are my main hobbies. "Though I have a plethora of them..." 

When I am alone, I love to sing. I do it most of the times "in the bathroom."

Well, I am looking forward to getting in touch with you. I would however wish to state not all writings in this blog are true. Even the tags with true stories, have been jeweled with some fiction.

 Welcome to my blog

To all my blog lovers and followers out there, thanks for your love and support. 1 love 


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