My name is Owen Habel. I was born and raised in the leafy lawns of Nakuru, Kenya. 

I am an award winning poet and playwright in the annual Kenya Schools And Colleges National Drama Festival. 

I have a chapbook (you can download it for free) of sarcastic, satirical, fairy tale - and folklore Poems entitled "OUR DIRTY LINENS." 

I am a professional I.T personnel with credentials from the Kenya Methodist University

I enjoy traveling, community service, nature, reading novels, making new friends and cooking. When alone, I love to sing. I do it most of the times in the bathroom.  



Below, is | My poetry chapbook | a video of a street children feeding program that I was involved in - in 2013 - As a volunteer| And a video of a reading of one of my poem entitled MARRY ME | 



Below, is | a hilarious watchman scene "Hell's kitchen" - Alliance girls| A bomb scene "Goldess" - Riara Srping's | a full 40 minute stage play "Shackles of Doom" - Butere Girls

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